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Germicidal Ultraviolet Lighting Sales & Services

Creative GUV Disinfection solutions

BioSmart UVC brings medical grade Ultraviolet sterilization lighting right to your business. No longer is this technology exclusive to the medical industry. With the Corona Virus virtually shutting down America, as we re-open America for business BioSmart UVC helps you protect your staff and customers with our UVC sterilization equipment. BioSmart UVC offer GUV equipment sales, leasing, and for those that do not want the equipment investment we also have trained UVC teams in various locations through the US tat can deploy to provide GUV disinfection services. Using our portable UVC lighting systems in a matter of minutes we can kill most  Viruses and harmful Pathogens in your facility, making your business a safer place to work and visit.

What is UVC Lighting?

UV-C Light has a short wavelength of 200-280 nm (nanometers) 254nm being the sweet spot for germicidal effectiveness as the ultraviolet-C light breaks apart germ DNA leaving it unable to function and reproduce. In other words UVC light is a germicidal killer. Exposure to humans can be very harmful which is why you want the BioSmart UVC pros for this job. When UVC germicidal lighting is used in a safe manor it provides a fast clean chemical free solution for sterilizing your business or home for harmful pathogens.

Who can benefit using BioSmart UVC Systems?

The short answer is all businesses with indoor facilities. The world is forever changed with the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We have learned that these invisible enemy's mean serious business. Your employees, your customers and their families as well as you and yours will benefit from less anxiety from worrying about this invisible enemy. Look this is not just about Corona Virus but also the common flu, harmful bacteria and other Pathogens, UVC light can also kill molds with up to 99% effectiveness. GUV disinfection is CHEMICAL FREE, creating a much safer environment for all. No more exposure to excessive use of chemical disinfectants and residue as well it is simply not healthy for those that are handling the disinfectants. Whereas GUV disinfection is safe for those doing the disinfection as well as those occupying the area after.

Below is a partial list of businesses that would benefit from Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection

Senior living Facilities

Food Processing

Apartment Buildings



Dentist Office

Retail Stores


Health Clubs


Fast Food

Medical Clinics




Day Cares

BioSmart UVC offers a full range of GUV products and services, from real time air disinfection to large area surface disinfection, we have the equipment and systems you need. Contact us today for free consultation or call (877) 789-4376.

For those that want the pros to come in and have their
facility disinfected with GUV

The Disinfection Service

Our UVC Lighting system will be deployed and strategically positioned for maximum coverage. Our team will also use our powerful hand held UVC devices to also cover some recessed or shadowed areas that our larger UVC towers may not illuminate, Some rooms may also require repositioning for best coverage. When our team leaves you can be confident that all surfaces exposed to the UVC  light are 99% sterilized.

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BioSmart UVC provides new technology medical grade Ultraviolet-C lighting technologies to eradicate known viruses, bacteria, molds and pathogens. Our teams will deploy to your business and safely sterilize your facility.

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