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UVC Disinfection & Ventilation
For Schools

In today's hyper-sensitivity to sanitary environments one of the highest profile is our schools. That all changes TODAY... BioSmart UVC has developed portable GUV (Germicidal Ultraviolet) Lighting systems that can effectively and quickly disinfect most most school rooms in just a few minutes using chemical free medical grade UV-C 254nm lighting. This is the SAME technology used in our hospitals fore critical disinfection. BioSmart offers a two pronged approach:
1. GUV Air Disinfection providing real time disinfection of the air in each room.
2. GUV Surface disinfection irradiating virus from all surfaces in the room

Real Time GUV Air Disinfection Room by Room

BioSmart UVC Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) disinfection air systems simply mount on the wall in each room, then via a 600cfm blower draws the infected air in the room into the GUV air disinfection wall system. That air then passes through a HEPA filter before entering into the UV-C 254nm light chamber where pathogens are irradiated from the air and then returned into the room as clean virus free air. For example take a 30'x30' Classroom with 8' ceilings you should expect between 4-6 cycles per hour. Not only does our UV air disinfection systems kill Covid-19 it also kills most other viruses as well including the common Flu viruses that do put our children at risk making this technology priceless for the safety and future of our youth.

Surface Disinfection for Schools

Currently most schools are using excessive quantities of chemical disinfectants to fight Covid 19, resulting in significant chemical residue and exposure to the students and staff and other staff. BioSmart-UVC GUV surface disinfections systems are designed to irradiate Viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens from all surfaces exposed. Our equipment is extremely portable and easy to move (rolled) from room to room by maintenance or janitorial staff . While GUV does not replace cleaning it completes the process. GUV surface disinfection is done after hours to scrub the areas of the virus and pathogens. Using UV light everything exposed is irradiated of these pathogens. This includes the floors, walls, ceiling, desk, tables, basically all objects in the room that are exposed. By deploying our portable UVC towers along with our UVC air wall disinfection systems you can turn your schools in to a relatively virus safe environment. These are are not just limited to the classroom, but also the , Hallways, gyms locker rooms, cafeteria, kitchens, and back offices. UVC is also a great solution for busses as several municipalities have started used for public transportation.

Chemical Free Biological School Safety

Chemical disinfection has a host of potential issues, especially in school environments as chemicals leave residue that some may be reactive to, not to mention the applying of chemical disinfectants is not healthy for those responsible to dispersal. UVC light has been widely used in hospital and other pathogen sensitive application for nearly 20 years now, however have been most limited to medical application due to cost. BioSmart UVC has simply re-designed and re-packaged UVC technology for more universal implementation for schools and other industries also allowing us to deliver cost effective solutions. AT this time with mandates for schools to upgrade ventilation systems to fight Covid-19 BioSmart UVC systems simply provide affordable and highly effective solution to protect our children and teachers.

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BioClean UVC provides new technology medical grade Ultraviolet-C lighting technologies to eradicate known viruses, bacteria, molds and pathogens. Our teams will deploy to your business and safely sterilize your facility.

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